How Do Cigarettes Damage Health?

Cigarettes contain a lot of chemical compounds and toxic substances which have adverse effects on the body. The products that cause adverse damage include tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide and the extent of the damage is influenced by factors such as the number of the cigarettes that the person smokes, the presence of a filter in the cigarette and the preparation of the cigarette. Cigarette smoking comes with adverse effects that could cause series of complications to your body as well as your mind and therefore one of the important steps to make while trying to quit smoking is to get to know these effects.Every time someone smokes, the air sacs that are responsible for transferring oxygen to the blood die and they do not grow back and this means that the level of air in your blood is reduced and the other air sacs in the lungs are overworked. Once this damage has occurred, the smoker will not engage in activities such as singing, dancing and other sport activities. The lungs also contain hair-like structures which are responsible for getting rid of particles in the lung. Once someone smokes, the activities of the cilia are paralyzed meaning that the particles in the lungs will pile up and you will be exposed to various conditions such as breathing problems.When it comes to reproductive health, the various chemicals and toxic substances in cigarettes have negative effects. Smoking is known to be the leading causes of penile dysfunction since it constricts the blood vessels meaning that the blood supply needed to maintain an erection is not adequate. Smoking also impairs the quality and content of the sperm causing the reduction in ejaculation and damage to the DNA in the sperm. Many women who smoke have a lot of trouble getting pregnant and are exposed to early menopause. They are also at high risk of ectopic pregnancy, spontaneous abortion and cervical cancer.Smoking also damages the condition of the mouth. As compared to non-smokers, the risk of tooth lose is double as they are exposed to higher chances of getting periodontal diseases. Smoking also increases the time taken to heal after a tooth has been extracted leading to dry socket-a condition that is temporary but very painful. Smoking is also known to be the cause of throat and oral cancer as well as bad breath and loss of taste and smell. Smoking also causes the yellowing of teeth thus decreasing the impact of the beauty of a smile.The number of cigarettes a person smokes increases the chances of them getting heard diseases and conditions. The arteries are hardened meaning that smokers are at a high risk of developing arteriosclerosis. In winter many the rate of getting heart diseases is increased as a result if increase in blood pressure as well as increased heart rate. The chemicals in the cigarette also cause the constriction and damage of arteries to the brain leading to heart attacks and stroke. It is therefore very important to quit smoking at an early stage to avoid the negative effect that it causes to health.